The Perry County School District announced a new school policy regarding cell phones, smart watches, headphones, any and all devices with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi capabilities in the classroom.  This was announced both on Facebook and on the websites for Linden, Lobelville and Perry County, and will go into effect starting January 17, 2023, with graduating punishment as the offenses may continue by a student.

The principal of the Lobelville School also issued his own copy of this new policy, so that everyone can be advised, and not claim ignorance.  

Perry County Board of Education had implemented a cell phone policy for all students that will go in affect starting January 17, 2023, and reads as follows:

All classrooms will have a cell phone container for students to drop their cell phones, smart watches, head phones, and any other device with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi capabilities at the beginning of class then pick up at the end of class.
During lunch, cellphones will stay locked in the classroom.
Failure to comply with this policy will result in the following disciplinary action:
1st offense: Phone turned in to the front office to be held until the end of the day.
2nd offense: Phone will be held in the front office; a parent must pick up the device.
3rd offense: Students will be banned from bringing phone /Bluetooth capable technology in the school building. Student will receive 5 days detention.
Subsequent offenses: Students will receive 5 days alternative school.
Refusal to give up a phone/device to any teacher or staff will result in 5 days detention.