At Lobelville Gas our number one goal is SAFETY and SYSTEM INTEGRITY.   We operate and maintain more than 30 miles of natural gas pipeline beneath our city’s streets, sidewalks and yards.

Customer safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to keeping your home or business safe from the potential dangers of natural gas.

What are you responsible for?

Owning a home or business comes with a number of maintenance responsibilities. We understand that some of these responsibilities may even come as a surprise to you.
Customers are responsible for the maintenance of all natural gas lines extending after the meter to and within the home or business. Even though, in some cases, the natural gas service lines that run from the meter to your home or business are buried, maintenance is still required.

Our natural gas system is governed by Federal regulations which recommend that customers with natural gas lines buried from the meter to the primary structure maintain it. You should be aware that metallic buried pipe is subject to corrosion and leakage over time, and should be inspected periodically. If a natural gas leak occurs, it might be necessary to interrupt your service temporarily until repairs are made. If repairs need to be made, all costs associated with the maintenance and repair of customers’ piping are the responsibility of the customer or property owner. Once the necessary repair work has been completed, you may contact the Lobelville Gas Department to have service restored.

All customer-owned buried gas piping should be inspected periodically by a qualified contractor. If you need assistance in locating a qualified contractor contact Lobelville Gas Department at Public Works 931-593-3728 or Dale Odom, Gas Superintendent 931-224-0305.